Molopo River Trail

30 Sep – 8 October 2017

Join us for the Molopo River Trail - 30 Sep – 8 October 2017

Molopo River Trail

30 Sep – 8 October 2017

The Molopo River is one of the main and oldest rivers in Southern Africa. It has a length of approximately 960 kilometers and a catchment area of 367,201 sq km with Botswana, Namibia and South Africa sharing roughly about a third of the basin each. The river rises from a spring at the Eye of Mafikeng and ends its journey at the Orange River at Riemvasmaak downstream from Augrabies Falls, generally flowing first to the west, and then to the southwest from its source. In its middle course the Molopo River forms a significant section of the border between Botswana and South Africa. River flow is intermittent. It is believed that this river last flood occurred more than 100 years ago. Maybe “global warming” will change that.

Our Adventure begins at the source in Mafikeng; follow it along the Botswana border to the Molopo Game Reserve. This remote Kalahari grassland and thornveld reserve is an arid savannah region of undulating grass and thornveld dunes offering a unique wilderness experience to the wildlife enthusiast. Many of the game and bird species found on the reserve are endemic to the desert regions of South Africa.

From Molopo Game Reserve it’s on to an overnight stop at Leeupan Guest Farm and our first taste of the Dunes of the Kalahari. Here we will drive a small trail to practice sand and dune driving before settling down to our usual braai and stories around the fire. From Leeupan we proceed onto Loch Maree tracking the Molopo River all along the Botswana border via the Molopo Eco-Trail. This part of the trail is truly awesome, driving in vast canyons and wide flood plains. Loch Maree is mainly a sheep and cattle farm, as well as a game farm. Loch Maree is named after a huge salt pan, 24 km in circumference, containing over 9 million tons of salt. At Loch Maree we will tackle a 50km 4x4 trail through Kalahari bush veld and many “Kalahari Red Sand” dunes. After two nights at Loch Maree we continue onto Kakamas to refuel and take on provisions.

Then it’s onto Riemvasmaak, nestling between the Augrabies National Park and the southern Kalahari. It is a unique, isolated and spectacular mountain desert-like destination, with Namibia to the west and the Orange River to the south. The scenery is dramatic, with craggy mountains, a hot spring and lots of history, which the locals are very willing to share. Our camp site is at the bottom of a ravine along the Molopo River. Tall cliffs surround you and the echo of bird calls is deafeningly beautiful. Once settled in you can lounge in the hot springs to soothe away the aches and dust of the road.

We will be camping at Riemvasmaak for 2 nights. This will allow enough time to explore the area, and off course complete our conquest by following the Molopo River as it flows into the Orange River, 960km from its source.

On our return trip to civilization we will stop over for a night at Red Sands and visit the Eye of Kuruman.

Molopo River Trail - Tour Details

Date: 30 Sep – 8 October 2017
Cost:  R4 500 per person

Tour Includes: 
- Accommodation & Park Fees, Dinner daily
Tour excludes:  
- Fuel, Border Costs, Drinks

For more information, please contact:

Simon Steadman
Cell:  084 447 4666
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