South Luangwa Lake Malawi Adventure

Date: 23 July – 13 August 2025
Venue: North & South Luangwa National Parks, Zambia
Cost: $1 530 per person sharing
Includes: All Camping & Park Fees, Dinner, Guide fees
Excludes: Fuel, Border Costs, Drinks, VHF radio hire
Tour Details

Experts have dubbed South Luangwa to be one of the greatest wildlife sanctuaries in the world, and not without reason. The concentration of animals around the Luangwa River, and its oxbow lagoons, is among the most intense in Africa.

The Luangwa River is the most intact major river system in Africa and is the life-blood of this 9059 km2 Park. The Park hosts a wide variety of wildlife, birds and vegetation. Amongst South Luangwa’s many herbivores, three several stand out as being endemic to the area. The beautiful Thornicroft’s giraffe has a different (and more striking) coloration than the giraffes in the rest of southern Africa. The main predators in the Luangwa Valley are lion, leopard, spotted hyena and wild dog. Of these, lion, are probably the most common, and their large prides are often easily spotted. South Luangwa has a top reputation as a first-class park for leopard. This is largely because leopard hunt nocturnally, and South Luangwa is one of Africa’s few national parks to allow spot-lit night drives.

Cape Maclear is Malawi’s version of the Cote d’Azure or the beaches of Mykonos: a strip of honey-coloured sand lapped by turquoise water under a sunny, blue sky and fringed by an assortment of beachside bars and accommodation to suit every taste.

But this is Africa, so the differences with the European beach vibe abound: here the beach strip is the interface of the local village (Chembe Village) with the lake and therefore some sections of the beach are busy fishing areas, others are places the local children love to play and still others are where the village ladies come down to the water’s edge to do the washing up from the night before, do their laundry and to have a swim themselves. But if all this sounds a bit too rustic, never fear: the lodges all keep a length of the beach in front of their establishments raked and manicured and scattered with loungers for the comfort of their first world guests.

This tour is off-road trailer friendly and limited to a maximum of 8 vehicles

For more information on this adventure, please contact:

Simon Steadman 

084 447 4666

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